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Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2005|07:56 pm]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods
hey moderators!
i don't know if you knew about this but Suz from MrPhelps.com has a new swimming directory. You can submit links to your communities, and stuff like that.


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TODAY IS THE DEADLINE [Oct. 31st, 2004|03:18 pm]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

hey everyone. today is the deadline for the care package. i will be still excepting things up until friday thru email. but if your mailing me things they need to be post marked by tomorrow!! since today is a sunday they cant be post marked! so please please send your stuff in!!!! thanks
and questions please feel free to im me at summaxbabi143 or email me SOXGIRL234@AOL.COM


posted in many phelps communities
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Next Project [Oct. 17th, 2004|12:55 am]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

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hey everyone im new here...just letting you know if you havent heard already im putting togethr a care package for MP. it's going GREAT. im moving onto my next project... same type of idea but not get well cards. and thenext swimmer is JASON LEZAK. we picked him because hes been really cool answering fan mail and i think he deserves it. Next inline is Aaron, Ian, Brendan and Ryan.. dont worry we will get to everyone..but im collecting letters for JASON ONLY.. my friend Christi (Rockstar18) is collecting pictures of jason. you can email me at soxgirl234@aol.com or im me at summaxbabi143 or christi at chickletc81! thanks!!!

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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2004|09:20 pm]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods
Hmmm... I think I may have a new ship..


Ahhhhhh. Anything to do with Ian Thorpe is gold.

Today in German we had to write down our German names on the tests (like we always do, because then Frau Hyde knows who we are), and somebody said we should pick German last names. And of course, there's me with the reply:

"Can I have van den Hoogenband?"

I know it's Dutch, but they're on the border with each other. In a sense.
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Somebody get me out of this tree.... [Oct. 7th, 2004|07:32 pm]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

Hi, I'm Megan.  I'm the moderator at ianthorpe_daily , thorpedo_speedo , and ian_pieter.  :)  I guess I decided to post because I'm soooo bored.... Just, sooooo bored.  Not just any kind of bored.... soooooo
bored.  OK, I'm done rambling, anyway, just wondering who y'all's favorite swimmers are.  Seems like a dumb question,
but some of us might be able to suprise some people here.</span>

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Hello! [Sep. 29th, 2004|08:13 pm]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

[I'm Feeling |cheerfulcheerful]

I thought I should do a proper introduction... firstly because I haven't yet, and secondly because I'm avoiding doing HW :D

*waves* I'm Vicky (and go online under my alias 'Bikuki' - call me whichever you wish :P) I currently mod granthackett and am working on a Thorpey community. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue whether to make it themed or just another community; the latter of which would be quite boring because there is already a plethora of Ian comms out there. Hopefully I think of something soon... I'm blabbering now, aren't I? XD

I loff this comm because it's much needed! Hurrah for some sanity amongst the Olympics-craze ;) Speaking of which, I absolutely adore (if you could not already guess) Thorpey, Hackett, Peirsol, van den Hoogenband, and Krayzelburg. The Hamm twins also float my boat ;D

So... yes! Glad to meet you all! *bounces* <3

Hopefully LJ posts this without trouble because so far today it's been ANNOYINGLY slow...
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2004|04:42 pm]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

Hey guys :)

I'm the mod over at hoogie_fans. God i'm bored...and i'd do anything but start homework right now..sooo how is everyone doing? ::laughs at self::
How are all you guys' communities going?
heh, i should peel myself off the computer soon. This is unhealthy...i'll become cross-eyed...i can see it now....
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Hey! Over Here! I'm a Mod! [Sep. 24th, 2004|09:41 am]
Athens Moderators: The Community for swimcomm!mods

[I'm Feeling |satisfiedsatisfied]
[I'm Listening To |Santana feat. Michelle Branch - The Game Of Love]

Hey guys!

Welcome to athens_mods! This comm was created to give all us moderators of olympic swimmer communities a place to get together and just... talk! Amazing, huh? I'm gonna send out invites to most of you, but this post is here for the ones that I missed or have been created after the invites were sent out.

To be a member of athens_mods, you must:

1) Own a olympics/olympic swimmer-related community.

Yep! That's it! I don't want this place to be all rules and regulations, it's just a place for us to hang out, get support, or just rag on members of our comms that drive us bonkers!

So please, leave a comment with your username and the comm you moderate and you should get an invite in the next day or so, depending on when I can check my mail. ;)

Have fun guys!

Faith / crediniaeth
athens_daily Mod

EDIT: To approve your invitation, please go HERE! ::twirls::
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